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Choose Your Lens With IQ3 Purchase

Choose Your Lens Choose the lens that works for you!


Now with the purchase of an XF IQ3 Camera System you’re free to select the Blue Ring prime lens that fits your needs.

Phase One recognizes that photographer’s demands are as unique as their artistic vision. As such, it’s essential that the camera system they invest in meet their exact needs straight out of the box. Phase One is proud to announce that any XF IQ3 Camera System purchase can now be customized to bundle the Blue Ring prime lens that best meets their requirements. Whether it’s the standard 80mm f/2.8, the extreme wide-angle 35mm f/3.5, the specialized 240mm f/4.5 IF, or any other ‘Blue Ring’ prime lens, an XF IQ3 Camera System purchase is now free to tailor-fit the “Kit” lens as you see fit. Choose your lens!

‘Blue Ring’ Primes

With over 9 Blue Ring prime lenses to choose from, ranging from 35mm to 240mm, there is an ideal lens to fit your specific workflow requirements. Every Blue Ring prime lens embodies a quality commitment in both optical design and robust build to provide the best possible performance. The advantages and quality results from any of our Blue Ring primes is sure to complete the professional quality found it the XF IQ3 Camera System.

Choose Your Lens

XF IQ3 Advantages

The XF IQ3 Camera System is the most advanced and completely integrated medium format camera system available today. With professional grade build quality, designed to continually grow and expand, the XF IQ3 Camera System provides the tools necessary for professional success. Full integration from lens to back and a toolset that addresses highly efficient workflows, the XF IQ3 Camera System is the new benchmark in professional medium format photography.

Unmatched Service & Support

The XF IQ3 Camera System provides service and support that remains unmatched in today’s professional photographic world. Providing a 5 year warranty on all components and a 5 year uptime commitment, you’re certain to have the worry free performance and reliability essential to professional success. In addition to the assurance our warranty and uptime provide, XF IQ3 Camera System owners have access to Phase One’s expert support staff and extremely knowledgeable global partner network. The XF IQ3 Camera System remains a worry free commitment for the professional photographer.


Want an IQ3 Camera system and know that you’ll probably use the 120mm macro more than any other lens? Start with that lens right off the bat! Are you an architectural photographer that wants the quality of the new 45mm Blue Ring? Choose the 45 with your IQ3 purchase and you’re set to go. The choice of any prime lens has the potential to save thousands of dollars by already being a step closer to your unique lens quiver.

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