Tether Tools’ New USB-C Tether Cables

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Tether Tools’ New USB-C Tether Cables

Ditching the Dongle

Tether Tools has released a new set of native USB-C Tether cables designed for computers that have ditched the standard USB ports we’ve become used to. Instead of attaching a bulky hub on the side of your computer and running a tether cable through an adapter with its own potential for failure, Tether Tools encourages you to “ditch the dongle” and take advantage of a direct connection from a native USB-C computer to your camera.

While we haven’t yet been able to test the new USB-C tether cables for ourselves, we’re excited for the possibility of a solid solution for a direct connection. Tether Tools has created a range of USB-C cables for a variety of camera systems, including the Phase One USB-3.0 Male B cable.

Below is a recommended length/extension graphic from Tether Tools for Phase One USB 3.0 Male B connections and computers with native USB-C and USB-A 3.0 ports.

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