Known for uncompromising precision and next level quality, Arca-Swiss is a long time player in the high end photo equipment game. Offerings include technical cameras like the celebrated Rm3di and minimal yet capable Rm3d Factum, large format film cameras from 11×14 to 6×9 compatible with modern high resolition digital backs, and highly celebrated tripod heads like the Cube and D4 heads. When purchasing an Arca-Swiss product, you’re investing in quality and precision.

Arca-Swiss Technical Cameras like the Rm3di offer helical focusing built into the body without any need for additional, bulky helical focusing mechanisms on the lens. Thanks to its oversized helical, the Rm3di offers one of the most precise focusing mechanisms found in the photo industry. Also built into the body is the ability to tilt or swing to employ the Scheimpflug principle and make conscious decisions about plane of focus placement.

Bordering on legendary, the Arca-Swiss Cube is a celebrated geared tripod head. Precision and Arca-Swiss are synonymous, and the Cube is perhaps the perfect example. Refined knobs allow for perfect camera placement, and the new geared panning (gp) option extends the Cube’s  abilities even further.

Able to accept 6×9 film backs as well as modern digital backs like the IQ4 150MP, the Arca-Swiss 6×9 Metric offers amazing precision in conjunction with sophisticated movements found in traditional large format cameras, but in a compact package. The self locking geared movements are a pleasure to use and help find that perfect plane of focus and keep it there.

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