Based in the Netherlands, Cambo has been manufacturing high quality equipment for the photo industry since 1946. Their equipment is easy to use and provides an efficient, precise workflow. Technical cameras like the WideRS 1600 offer no compromise in their feature set with options like rise and fall, as well as lenses fitted with tilt and swing panels. The Cambo Actus has been extraordinarily popular with architectural, tabletop, and landscape photographers thanks to its marriage of compact size and precise control.

The WRS 1600 is an amazingly easy to use yet highly capable technical camera. The ability to use rise and shift in the camera body as well as tilt and swing from the lens panel individually is impressive enough, but the option to use all of these features without compromising their complement is next level.

The Actus Mini DB2 is essentially a pocket-sized technical camera that packs a huge punch. Small and lightweight, the Actus Mini DB2 can support backs like the Phase One IQ4 150MP along with traditional large format camera movements with exceptional precision.

Similar to the DB2, the Cambo Actus-B Mini View Camera has become an extremely popular option. Capable of giving small mirrorless or DSLR cameras traditional large format movements as well as marrying these modern cameras with a huge arsenal of available lenses from manufacturers like Canon, Leica, Nikon, Mamiya, and more, the Actus has proven itself as a flexible force for professional photographers.

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