Capture One Pro 10.1 Released

//Capture One Pro 10.1 Released

Capture One Pro 10.1 Released

What’s New In Capture One Pro 10.1
Enhanced Styles workflow

Accelerate your productivity with the new Styles & Presets tool. It is optimized to make browsing & managing all your styles quick and easy.

Improved PSD support

Take advantage of Capture One Pro’s enhanced flexibility for storing Photoshop assets. View layered Photoshop Files in Capture One Pro allowing instant open and edit in Photoshop.

Improved Fuji support

Redesigned RAW processing for Fuji X-Trans files enables the full suite of Capture One Pro 10 tools. Paired with support for Fuji’s compressed file format you can exploit Capture One Pro to the fullest.

Temporary reset of adjustments

Gain new control over your creative process by viewing the original RAW file with a click of a button. Long-press the master reset in Capture One Pro while holding the Option / Alt key to see the unadjusted image.

Vectorscope Color Wheels

Colorists familiar with vectorscope layout of color wheels can now choose this as a preference. Inspired by video editing systems you can align your video editing workflow with adjusting images in Capture One Pro 10.

Tokenized Watermarking

Token based input allows fast and easy watermarking for image specific information. Emboss the file name, date or collection name to batches of images efficiently.

Apple Script (Mac only)

Automate tasks more effectively on your Mac. The new Apple Script capabilities in Capture One Pro 10, include: Import, Keywords, Batch Rename and Output Counters.

Download Capture One Pro 10.1

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