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If you already use Capture One but feel like you’re not quite getting the best use out of the program, bring your computer and follow along with Zac Henderson as he walks you through the COP workflow. Added bonus: Get your hands on the new XF IQ3 medium format camera system while shooting a live model!

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Not only will we be covering advanced Capture One techniques and features, but we’ll also be photographing a live subject during a real-time tethering demonstration! We’ll go through a proper tethering workflow and offer best practices to help keep your shoots running smoothly. 

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During the live tethering demonstration you’ll get to play with the newest bodies and digital backs from Phase One. We’ll look at the incredible image quality these world class cameras, lenses, and digital backs bring to the table. Plus, don’t forget to bring your own CF cards so you can take your photos home with you! 

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