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IQ3 Series

Phase One’s IQ3 series of digital backs are the top of the line. These backs produce unmatched image quality and represent the future of image making with features like wireless camera control, live view, capture, rating, and review through the Capture Pilot app. IQ3 series backs also feature advanced image review options, XF camera menu on rear LCD, power sharing with the XF body, and 5 year warranties. Five models make up the Phase One IQ3 series of digital backs, including four CMOS sensor digital backs and one CCD sensor digital back.

CMOS Backs


The new kid in medium format photography, CMOS sensors provide greater speed, ISO performance, and more fluid live view than their CCD counterparts. These backs can be found in both the 1.3 crop factor 44x33mm sized 50 megapixel sensor and the full frame 53.7×40.4 sensor of the 100 megapixel. Both these backs feature impressive dynamic range, up to 60 minute exposure times, and responsive live view.

IQ3 100MP Trichromatic

The flagship of the Phase One IQ3 series lineup, the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back is a workhorse capable of unmatchable image quality. Boasting the greatest dynamic range of any other Phase One digital back at 15 stops, as well as a mini-HDMi output to take advantage of its fluid video like live view, the IQ3 100 is on another level. The 53.7×40.4mm full frame sensor housed in the IQ3 100’s aircraft grade aluminum chassis is capable of 16 bit color and a top ISO speed of 12,800. And with this back’s excellent noise performance, you won’t have to stop shooting after sunset.


The IQ350 is built for speed. At 1.8 frames per second using a focal plane shutter, this back can keep up with whatever you throw at it. While its 44×33 sensor is smaller than full frame, its file size is more than manageable and still is significantly larger than 35mm sensors. The IQ350 produces a quick, responsive live view feed that makes manually focusing a breeze even in low light. The IQ350 is also capable of 14 stops of dynamic range, and like all IQ3 series digital backs, can wirelessly connect to capture pilot for camera control, live view, and image review from a distance.

CCD Backs

While slower than their CMOS counterparts, CCD sensor digital backs boast incredible clarity at low ISO. The original sensor of choice for medium format photography, the 80 megapixel digital back in the IQ3 series boasts phenomenal image quality. Whether on a technical camera or an XF body, CCD backs are a force.


The IQ380 digital back is the second highest resolution model in the IQ lineup. It’s full frame 53.7×40.4 sensor produces incredible sharpness at low ISO, and its capture speed can be sped up to 1.1 frames per second when using Sensor+. With features like long exposures up to 60 minutes, XF power sharing, wireless camera control, Sensor+, and advanced image review tools, the IQ380 is ready for whatever you throw at it.

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