The EarthRoamer Phase One Photoshoot

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The Phase One EarthRoamer Photo Shoot

Photography is inevitably a gear driven pursuit. You have a to have a camera to take pictures, right? Then you need lenses. Then you need a bag to carry it all in. Then you need a better bag. If you go out on location very often you’ll need an even better bag, plus a plethora of other deliciously satisfying gadgets to do the job right. After a while, photographers can become gear-obsessed junkies. And who can blame us? Gear is cool. Gear lets you do new things. Gear makes impossibilities possible and our responsibilities easier. What’s not to like?

If you like gear, then you’ll love our recent collaboration with EarthRoamer. For those that are unfamiliar, EarthRoamer is a Colorado company dedicated to building the most robust and luxurious overland expedition vehicles money can buy. You could say EarthRoamer is to RVs as Phase One is to cameras. They are both at the top of their game, creating something absolutely incredible without compromise.

When we were approached by a local photographer to help in photographing EarthRoamer’s new XV-HD (their largest overland vehicle), we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use the world’s best camera to shoot the world’s best expedition vehicle.

We started early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the first light on the vehicle. Standing next to the XV-HD was impressive all by itself. Its exterior is completely packed with functionality designed to cross some seriously rugged terrain. No KOA campgrounds for this beast. Built for expeditions off-grid, the XV-HD boasts some honestly ridiculous numbers including 20,000 Watt Hours worth of Lithium Ion battery power, 2,100 Watts of Solar Power, 115 gallon fuel capacity, and 250 gallons of fresh water on board. The heavily modified Heavy Duty Ford F-750 4WD Chassis with top of the line tires, LED light bars, plus hydraulic leveling on top of its previously mentioned capacities make for an ideal command center.

Judging from the exterior alone, you might think the XV-HD is all business outside and inside. You’d be right, but business doesn’t always have to be painted khaki. The interior of the vehicle is the definition of luxury with careful, intelligent design and real materials. In-floor radiant heating means you can be in the freezing cold while still comfortably walking around the interior in bare feet. Reclaimed wood from a barn in the midwest makes for stunning hand finished cabinets. Also included with this XV-HD’s stylish yet functional interior is a washer/dryer, full kitchen, Bose Surround Sound, retractable stairs leading up to a king sized bed, a large lounge/dining area that can be converted to another king sized bed, and large windows so you can see the incredible location you just plowed your way through the wild to access.

To photograph EarthRoamer’s new XV-HD, Randall Paetzold, a local photographer out of Firestone, Colorado, decided to go with the Phase One Trichromatic Camera System. The Trichromatic is a 100 megapixel digital back with a full frame 645 medium format CMOS sensor. This sensor, combined with Phase One’s Capture One software, produces absolutely astounding image quality with next-level color fidelity due to the sensor’s new design. 15 stops of dynamic range, 16 bit color, huge full frame medium format sensor, leaf shutter lenses, and a firmware based body completely packed with tools and functionality make the Phase One a force.

Even though Randall had only used a Phase One camera system once before for a short time, he was able to quickly pick up the camera and understand its functions. Shooting a mixture of hand-held images alongside a stabilized tripod, Randall was able to move around easily without fear of camera shake thanks to the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic’s CMOS sensor- allowing for top image quality even at higher ISO values. The high resolution 100 megapixel sensor makes for a native print size of approximately 30×40 inches at 300 DPI, meaning the images he made can be printed to extraordinary sizes while maintaining exceptional detail.

This shoot combined two of the world’s highest performing pieces of equipment. The resulting images of the awe-inspiring XV-HD captured with Phase One’s Trichromatic Camera System are filled to the brim with all the information and detail that both pieces of gear are capable of.

For more informtion about EarthRoamer and their XV-HD, head on over to their website:

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