Today Phase One announced Feature Update #8 for the IQ4, XT, and XF camera systems. The new feature update includes the new kind of functionality we’ve come to expect from Phase One’s dedication to the Infinity Platform found in the IQ4, which allows the digital back and the cameras it is mounted on to behave differently and boast more features than before.

From Phase One:

Expanding the Infinity Platform

Feature Update #8 introduces numerous system-wide improvements, addressing the needs of multiple photographic disciplines across multiple products. The XT Camera, XF Camera System or the IQ4 itself all find improvements in speed, features, integration, and workflow flexibility.

Pushing power & performance: XF Camera Enhancement

The very same XF hardware released in 2015 has been incrementally improved in each of the previous Feature Updates. Feature Update #8 results in a faster, stronger, and more agile XF for any generation IQ Digital Back.

Optimizing Integration: XT Camera

The XT Camera takes a leap forward by being the first field camera to offer Auto Exposure Modes Av, Tv, and P as well as Auto ISO. Each exposure parameter can be fully controlled for excellent precision. The simple live view workflow and intelligent metering means capturing the perfect exposure with the stunning optics and compact design of the XT just got simpler.

Featured improvements

Performance and workflow improvements are a critical part of any feature update, alongside numerous dedicated features.

Each feature is a direct result of customer feedback and market demands, aiding in workflow efficiency and operational advances.

CFexpress storage compatible

Faster and bigger CFexpress aligns the IQ4 with ever-evolving photographic standards

Mobile power

Adapting to modern power practices, the IQ4 can be run entirely from an external USB-C powerbank.


Processed directly from the RAW, the lightweight JPEG adopts IQ Styles for expedited workflow option.

Custom guides

Live View offers the ability to place and save guides to help align composition to your specific needs.

Wifi access point

Connect directly from computer to IQ4 for camera control, image transfer, and remote capture.

External control

If the camera is out of reach, use an external shutter release to activate each of the Camera Capture Tools (XF or IQ4).


Sustainable medium format

All Phase One Cameras are built to last. The XF, XT, and IQ4 are all designed to grow alongside changes in technology as well as the demands of the market.

While some camera systems may require continued investment, Phase One is the one investment that gets better with time.

ETTR: Lab feature

The Phase One Lab offers a “Beta proving ground” for all IQ4 customers.

Expose to the Right (ETTR) offers a unique approach to “Auto” exposure. Images are captured with as much highlight data as possible just before highlights are clipped.

Expanded mobility

Feature Update #8 builds the foundation for future mobile app integration.

Working in remote locations, and with the demands of todays mobile platform technology, complete remote integration will soon be available for the IQ4.

One of the biggest contributions Feature Update #8 makes is the addition of P, AV, and TV metering modes during Live View on the XT.

This level of functionality is unique to the XT Camera amongst field camera/tech cameras. It is only made possible thanks to the X-Shutter innovations and Infinity Platform flexibility.

Feature Update #8 is set to be available December, 2020. Have questions? Want to schedule a demo? Get in touch.

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