Industrial Cameras

Mega Pixels Digital Industrial provides expert training and support for specialized industrial medium format imaging. Offering Phase One products including the iXU and iXA series, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the absolute best and most consistent image quality.


The new RS Lens shutter was designed especially for the tough demands of aerial imaging. It uses an innovative direct drive concept with electronic charging that enhances exposure speed as fast as 1/2500s, guaranteeing half a million exposures – a record breaking capture rate and life span longer than ever seen before. The blades in the RS shutter are produced of specially made carbon fiber material, as used in the aerospace industry, driven by a linear motor and controlled in real time for absolute precision of exposure time. The reliance of the RS shutter’s capacity of 500,000 cycles along with the exposure time of 1/2500s enables faster flying, and allows customers to execute and manage the most demanding aerial photography missions with higher operational efficiency, reliability, and in a cost effective manner.

Half a Million Actuations. Guaranteed.

iXU Controller

Phase One offers a choice of hardware and software solutions to enable the integration of the camera with your existing workflow. Ultimate speed and control Designed to provide the ultimate in speed, and with the ability to control up to six Phase One aerial cameras, the iX Controller is a rugged, fanless PC, based on the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 Processor.

With a small footprint and easily integrated into any aircraft, the Phase One iX Controller acts as a central hub of your aerial camera system controlling multiple cameras. Solid state drives The iX Controller employs two removable SSD drives, which have especially high write speeds to ensure you capture and record every image quickly and reliably. When the mission is over, the compact and light SSD drives are easily removed from the iX Controller and sent for processing

iXU/iXU-RS 1000

The Phase One iXU-RS 1000 is the flagship product in our range of aerial cameras, presenting exceptional performance and advanced capabilities. Equipped with CMOS sensor technology and an innovative electromagnetic central leaf shutter, the iXU-RS 1000 provides enhanced capture rate and speed with zero latency, ensuring the precise image quality expected from a dedicated aerial photography camera. Best Choice for Surveying The Phase One iXU-RS aerial cameras include features such as: accurate metric calibration, central leaf shutters, scalability to form multi-camera arrays, as well as easy integration with popular flight management systems and GPS/IMU receivers.

The iXU-RS cameras are built with one of seven lenses — 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 70 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm or 150 mm. The interchangeable lenses are individually inspected and factory calibrated for infinity focus. The range of focal lengths cover most uses and is suitable for creating DTMs and DSMs for surveying as well as Orthophotos. The 50 mm lens, with its opening angle of 56.4°, is especially suited for capturing images alongside a LiDAR.

The CMOS technology of the iXU-RS 1000 enables you to move from ISO 50 all the way up to 6400, providing quality images all across the ISO range. As weather conditions deteriorate or on days when you previously were unable to capture, the CMOS-based cameras provide the high sensitivities that can make a difference.

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