Phase One is known best for innovation. The art of perfecting the exceptional goes to the core of our philosophy. We’ve delved into digital photography from a different perspective and focused on something often taken for granted: Color. The significant role of color in photography is something no one can underestimate. Being able to capture what our eyes can see has been an ambition since the introduction of color photography. Color vitality and accuracy goes to the very heart of photographic expression.

The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back has achieved the next level of color capability by mimicking the color vision of the human eye, enabling the artist to express their vision more directly than ever before in 101-megapixel detail.

“For a story to be a true representation of my own experience, I rely on technology. Nothing will ever match the human eye and our first-hand perception of nature’s wonders. Working with the best possible sensor, however, is the closest I can bring my audience to admire the immense palette nature has created.” -Timo Lieber, Aerial Photographer

The science of color

Working closely with Sony, Phase One has introduced new technology to take digital color capabilities one step further. The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back renders color in astonishing brilliance. It is capable of replicating, closer than ever, the color definition that the human eye sees. Using a new CMOS sensor and Bayer Filter color technology available only through Phase One, we have given the
photographer 101-megapixels of creative possibility in never-before possible color definition.

IQ3 100MP Digital Back

“The ability to capture an image that reflects almost exactly what you see the moment you press the shutter button, with little to no interpretation or conjecture, is a fantastic leap for photography and, more importantly, the integrity of image quality.” -Niels Knudsen, Phase One Image Quality Professor

Crisp, clean, noise-free: ISO 35

The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back has established the lowest and therefore cleanest base ISO of any CMOS sensor. The crisp, clean, and noise-free render of base ISO 35 on the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back creates stunning results for your vision to be expressed unobstructed.

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XF Feature Update 4
Expanding the XF Camera System for the fourth time

Committed to Advancing the Professional Photographer

The XF Camera System is designed to grow and adapt alongside technological advances and market demands. Phase One is committed to the future of photography, working side-by-side with photographers to steer the growth of the XF Camera System. Feature Update #4 has a distinct emphasis on precision, equipping the XF Camera System with new precision tools and flexible features, and improves existing functionality based on customer feedback for enhanced
control and precision.

*As of September 13th, 2017- Capture Pilot is not yet compatible with Feature Update 4

Download Feature Update 4 Directly from Phase One

Download Feature Update 4 Release Notes

“The Phase One XF camera can be upgraded with firmware updates. Once you invest in the system, you don’t need to change camera for many years, yet it will keep improving. This is brilliant!” – Vincent Lions, Commercial Photographer

Auto Focus & Re-Compose mode
3D sensors within the XF Camera System enable the new Auto Focus and Re- Compose mode, allowing you to focus on a subject and then recompose the frame while retaining the desired focus point. The XF Camera System uses a predictive algorithm, in tandem with audio feedback queues, to anticipate your movement and automatically adjust focus, letting you know you’ve got the shot.

Zoom to Focus
Verify focus effectively and seamlessly with Zoom to Focus. The feature connects with the new Auto Focus Re-Compose mode, providing a dynamic image preview option in your IQ Digital Back which automatically enlarges captured images to the point of focus.

Focus Trim Tool
Feature Update #4 introduces an effortless automation tool to trim your lenses and certify any variations are accounted for. The Focus Trim Tool can quickly trim each of your lenses to absolute perfection. The built-in analysis of the calibration conditions ensures everything is done with absolute confidence and is provided with a customized focus calibration target.

Focus Nudge
High-resolution digital photography demands precision. Focus Nudge control enables the dials of the XF Camera System to directly control lens focus. Any of the dials on the XF Camera Body can be assigned to deftly and accurately step focus, ever so slightly. Used in conjunction with Live View, Focus Nudge control provides an incredible degree of control for precision.

Automatic Focus Stack Calculator
The intelligence of the XF Camera System remains true to form with the introduction of the Automatic Focus Stack Calculator. Evaluating focusing distances, sensor resolution, and aperture, the new Automatic Focus Stack Calculator automatically suggests the number of frames that should be captured, ensuring superior image quality in the results.

Infinite Vibration Delay
The XF Camera System’s ability to wait for perfect conditions before firing the shutter has been expanded. This new feature allows the camera system to wait indefinitely for calm, stable and vibration free conditions before firing the shutter. The camera can continue waiting in a state of hibernation until conditions are optimal.

Capture Analysis Popup Control
After each capture is recorded, the XF Camera System can provide immediate feedback regarding exposure, vibration, or flash output. Feature Update #4 allows you to customize which of these dialogues is critical to your workflow immediately after each capture, and for how long you would like to review it.

Vibration Analysis
Environmental feedback is key to a successful image. Feature Update #4 introduces a visual Vibration Analysis of physical forces recorded during the exposure. This visual feedback can help the remote user know if during the capture, any external forces may have affected the result.

Profoto Remote Trigger
With a complete, built-in, Profoto Air system, the XF Camera System is the only camera system to provide integrated wireless control of your Profoto lights. With Feature Update #4, we’ve added the ability to communicate with Profoto Air equipped lights using the Profoto Air Remote as a wireless remote radio trigger. Now you can fire the XF Camera System from anywhere the Profoto Air Remote

External Shutter on IQ in ES mode
The XF Camera System is a modular camera system, and the IQ Digital Back was designed to be used as effortlessly as possible with almost any medium format or large format camera solution. All IQ3 100MP Digital Backs (incl. Achromatic and Trichromatic) can take full advantage of their modular design with the Electronic Shutter. Feature Update #4 takes that versatility one step further by providing the ability to connect an external shutter release cable directly to the back and fire the
Electronic Shutter. Simple, seamless and versatile.

Honeybee Autofocus Platform 2 Upgrade
Introducing a new, optional upgrade to the existing autofocus hardware, the HAP-2 refines autofocus performance in low-light and low-contrast conditions. With a simple hardware replacement, the advanced dynamic range and new autofocus algorithm provide a new platform onto which the XF Camera Body can continue to expand. Learn more here.

Download Feature Update 4 Directly from Phase One

Download Feature Update 4 Release Notes

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