Capture One 21 is now available for download and features impressive new tools and methods for taking your workflow from fast to downright supersonic. We do want to make our clients aware of a tethering issue with the recent macOS 11 (Big Sur) release. The new Mac OS 11 appears to effect FireWire connections, so if you are a FireWire user we recommend you DO NOT upgrade to macOS 11 until further notice.

Of particular note is that this issue is not related specifically to Capture One, but rather the macOS 11 operating system.

From Phase One:

• Tethering via Firewire is not supported with macOS 11 (Big Sur)

To be more specific, when a Phase One back is connected via FireWire, the computer will experience a kernel panic. Therefore, any user who relies on FireWire connection should not upgrade to macOS 11.
We have also reports that this is a system wide issue in Mac OS 11 which also affects other firewire based devices.

Additional notes:

• USB connections are not affected and remain fully supported.
• Only Capture One 21 is currently supported under macOS 11 but the issue is not related to Capture One as this issue does not exist under macOS 10.15 on Capture One 21, 20 or earlier.