Today Phase One released a new firmware update for the IQ4 camera system. This update can be applied to the XF camera system with the IQ4 digital back, as well as the IQ4 digital back alone.

New features included in the update are:

  • Power Share between XF and IQ4
  • Auto Gain in Live View (ViewFinder Mode)
  • Live View can be used with either fully open or working aperture with Auto Gain
  • Added anti-flickering feature (50/60Hz) to Live View
  • Capture Delay is possible with Electronic Shutter on tech cam
  • AFr Zoom to Focus on the IQ4 with the XF Focus Recompose feature
  • Bug Fixes

Please read the release notes before updating your system to this firmware

It is important to note that if you use an XF camera body with an IQ1, IQ2, or IQ3 digital back, it is recommended that you do NOT update to the new firmware version. At current date, this firmware is designed for use only with XF bodies being used with the IQ4 line of digital backs, and have not been tested for use with the IQ1, IQ2, or IQ3 line.

Download IQ4 1.03.26 Release Notes

Download the New Firmware