Phase One has announced three new lenses for the XT camera system. The new lenses include a 50mm f/4, a 90mm f/5.6, and a mysterious telephoto lens slated for later this year.

The 50mm provides a 35mm equivalent focal length of ~32mm, making it a “normal” lens for the full frame IQ4 medium format camera system. The 90mm f/5.6 provides a 35mm equivalent focal length of ~56mm. Although little has been released regarding the telephoto lens, all current lenses as well as the new 90mm and 50mm are part of the venerated HR line of optics by Rodenstock and provide the highest level of quality available.

New Lenses from Phase One for the XT

New Lenses from Phase One for the XT

The 50mm is expected to be available in April 2020. The 90mm is expected to be available in September of 2020. Although the telephoto lens is expected this year, more specifics have yet to be announced.

The XT camera system was released last year in 2019 and provided a way for photographers to take advantage of view camera movements like rise, fall, and shift. The XT also provided a solution for the dwindling supply of Copal shutters with a proven electromagnetic shutter built in to the chassis of the exceptionally high quality Rodenstock lenses. This new camera system is an ideal tool for travel and landscape photographers looking to achieve the absolute best image quality while also lightening their load. The integrated movements give photographers the ability to achieve in-camera perspective control as well as excellent potential for stitched images like panoramas or extraordinarily large/wide fields of view.

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