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Today Phase One introduced the Phase One Lab. The Phase One Lab is an open invitation to Phase One photographers to install new feature updates in their IQ4 150MP and/or IQ4150MP Achromatic digital backs. These feature updates introduce new tools that are currently in development, allowing photographers to use and test the tools in the field and provide subsequent feedback to Phase One about the tool’s use in hopes to improve it further or sign off on it for a finalized release. You could think of the Phase One Lab like a beta program for new tools in the IQ4 ecosystem.

From Phase One:

The Phase One Lab gives you an unprecedented glimpse into our Infinity Platform development roadmap through early access to key features that are currently being worked on. The features are available for you to try out in the Lab workspace –an option exclusively available on the IQ4 150MP and IQ4 150MP Achromatic. The invaluable feedback you can provide from the field, and your conversations with our technical experts will help us improve, polish, and in some cases even completely rethink the feature into a final tool that is able to take your photography to new heights.

It’s clear the IQ4 platform is capable of far more than is currently available. This is exceptionally good news, considering the hardware can be adapted through firmware over time to provide for new tools like this, and potentially tools that haven’t even been imagined yet. This paves the way for impressive innovation without new, expensive hardware being released every year. Even more interesting is Phase One’s desire to open their testing to current Phase One photographers that have a vested interest in how the platform evolves. Not many manufacturers have the desire to invite this kind of feedback or have the desire to listen to the wants and needs of their user base.

Already available is a tool called Dual Exposure+, which Phase One states creates a second exposure which is seamlessly incorporated into the original image to greatly expand dynamic range and shadow detail.

From Phase One:

Dual Exposure+, the first feature to be introduced into the Lab workspace, allows for unparalleled image quality improvementsin dynamic range and shadow detail performance. Representing a completely new capture process, Dual Exposure+ seamlessly captures and integrates a second exposure in addition to your selected exposure values. Dual Exposure+ is available now for you to explore. Challenge the image quality performance you believe is possible in a single exposure, and join the conversation.

If you’d like to participate in the Phase One Lab, click the link below and read about the process of providing feedback. Also, as is always the case before installing any firmware update read the release notes carefully before installing.

Check out the Phase One Lab