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At STAND OUT you can learn about the latest cutting-edge products and techniques being used by the leading professionals and enthusiasts in a hands-on and seminar based forum.

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STAND OUT is an industry event aimed at all who want to differentiate themselves and their business from the crowd. STAND OUT will provide the opportunity to explore ideas and learn from other professionals in the photo industry. This event is ideal for professional photographers, serial enthusiasts or aspiring students or any imaging professional that would like excel their work and business.

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The STAND OUT event will also bring leading photographic brands under one roof to demonstrate their products to you in an intimate and meaningful manner. Put a face to the brand, meet some of the most knowledgable resources in the industry.

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Learn More!

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Get inspired by the best in the industry

Listen to the best photographers and business minds, stand out influencers discussing topics from their

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Get your hands on the best equipment

View and test the latest and greatest in the photographic industry. Bring your CF card and take home great image quality images you can explore and play with after the event.

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Live demonstrations

View some of the best most influential photographers on set, with studio setup a live shoot and demonstration will take place at each event. Learn from the best.

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Early Bird Special

Sign up between now and September 30th for $49

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Standard Admission

Sign up after September 30th for $69

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Register Here