Phase One Syncro Cable Now Available

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Phase One Syncro Cable Now Available

Multiport to PC-Sync

The sleeping architecture of the IQ camera system makes for an efficient noise to signal ratio, but depending on the cable used, sometimes requires a two shot workflow or a specialized, sometimes cumbersome cable to initiate the capture sequence and trip the shutter. The speed at which this was performed would sometimes cause the copal shutter to overshoot the wakeup signal and cause an error. The Electronic Shutter function introduced in the IQ3 offers a great workaround, but is not perfect in every scenario.

The IQ4 system has made technical camera use even more efficient with the ability to use the digital back essentially as its own camera system, complete with its own shutter, LCC control, and a host of other features.

Taking ease of use a step further, Phase One has released the 12 Pin Syncro Cable, allowing the 12 pin port on the IQ4 digital back to sync with the PC port on a mechanical or electronically controlled shutter. The capture sequence is initiated on the digital back’s touch screen while the shutter is tripped manually.

From the Multi in to PC port white page:

How to use

1. Mount the IQ4 on the Technical Camera.

2. Connect the Phase One-cable from 12-pin multiport on the IQ4 to the PC-sync connector on the Copal shutter, or to the flash connector on the Schneider Kreuznach, Rodenstock or Sinar electronic shutter system.

3. If you are using a flash system, connect it to the flash sync connector on the IQ4.

4. Select the Camera Controls on the IQ4, then press on the Capture button on the IQ4 screen to wake up the back

5. Trigger the mechanical shutter on the lens, preferably by using a shutter release cable.

When using a mechanical shutter on the Technical Camera lens, please ensure that Electronic Shutter (ES) is set to Off the IQ4 in the menu system under Camera > Electronic Shutter. When operating the IQ4 in ES mode, wake-up cables are not required.

Note that you need to have the IQ4 firmware version 1.01.18 or later installed to use the functionality that this cable provides.

The Syncro Cable (Part number 50300298) is available now!

Call 631-935-3389 or email to order or for more information

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