The Phase One XF Camera System

XF Camera System

The First of its Kind

With the introduction of the XF camera body, Phase One added the last piece to the puzzle and, at long last, has brought medium format photography into the present day. Where older bodies obviously continue to draw much of their design from the dawn of the digital era, the XF draws from truly modern technology in appearance, usability, and functionality.

 Upgradeable OS

The software running on the XF is designed as an independent and upgradeable operating system. This allows for easy and fast upgrades, providing both new features and unique customization. By using our new Camera OS, photographers will be able to upgrade their XF Camera System at regular intervals in order to benefit from the new opportunities of technology.

Upgradeable Autofocus

Now in its second iteration, the HAP-2 is a CMOS sensor dedicated to autofocus. Building on the upgradable qualities of the XF camera system, this unique floating-point architecture and fully programmable interface is easy to expand and allows Phase One to to continuously tailor the autofocus system and release user-accessible software updates for years to come.

Modular Modern Hardware

The XF Camera System is founded on modern hardware and an open platform philosophy, allowing us to continuously add new upgrades in accordance with the changing pace of technology. Additionally, other manufacturers can interface with each individual component so we can offer photographers with a future proof platform.

Aerial-Grade Mechanics

Phase One Systems have been used for decades in some of the most demanding professional and aerial applications. With the XF Camera System we have upgraded all moving parts and materials to match that level of professional demand, delivering the fastest, most robust and most reliable camera ever.


A benefit of modularity is photographer’s ability to easily upgrade a single component at a time. With a modular design there is no need to discard a perfectly good system only to gain features related to the camera body. The XF camera body is fully compatible with previous generation IQ Digital Backs, allowing existing IQ customers to easily access the new XF Camera System.

Modular By Design

While most photographers are familiar with interchangeable lenses, the XF Camera System takes modularity a significant step further. Camera body, viewfinder and digital back are all interchangeable, providing options to match the particular needs of a photographer, shoot or workflow.


One of the most important elements of great photography is timing. With the latest iteration on mechanics introduced with the XF Camera System, we have significantly reduced shutter latency and shutter recycle time, making it our most responsive camera ever.

Cutting Edge Electronics

The XF Camera System introduces an all-new electronic architecture. Designed in-house by Phase One, the XF is built using faster processors, newly designed sensor advancements, including gyroscopic sensors and accelerometers, and an integrated wireless Profoto flash trigger.

Ultimate Service and Support

5 Year Warranty

Offering an unprecedented and industry leading 5-year warranty, Phase One covers the entire system from top to bottom, lens to back. If your Phase One system should suffer a fault within 5 years, we will tackle repairs without hesitation.

5 Year Uptime Guarantee

Exclusive to Phase One, we provide you with a worry free 5-year uptime guarantee. This guarantee provides you access to loan equipment should you need to send us your system for any reason, as well as on site service should it be necessary.

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