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Join Mega Pixels Digital Certified Professional Trainer, Zac Henderson for an informative introduction to the world’s best RAW file conversion software, Capture One Pro! Even if you’re already a Capture One user but haven’t upgraded to Capture One Pro 9, this class will show you all of the new features Capture One 9 has to offer.

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Learn why Capture One is the industry standard RAW converter. Get the most out of your images- regardless of manufacturer. We’ll compare RAW files shot on several different cameras to see how they render in Capture One, and analyze why you can get more information out of them compared to other RAW converters.

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  • NEW Processing Engine
  • NEW Adjustment tools
  • Outstanding RAW Converter and Asset Manager
  • Market leading Tethered Capture and Instant Review
  • Customizable, timesaving workflow
  • MAC and PC cross-platform
  • Support for more than 400 cameras

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