Mamiya DF Leaf Aptus II-5 Kit

Mamiya DF Leaf Aptus II-5 Kit

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A fantastic and affordable entry into medium format.

In stock


Pre-Owned Mamiya DF and Leaf Aptus II-5 medium format camera kit.

Another example of an extremely affordable entry into large sensor photography, the Aptus II-5 digital back has a 22 megapixel 48 x 36mm CCD sensor that is physically larger than full frame 35mm DSLRs. This allows for expanded depth of field control and beautiful 16-bit color.

A great benefit to a modular medium format system is that it’s possible to take the digital back off of the DF body and mount it to another camera body, such as a technical camera or large format 4×5 camera.

This Aptus II-5 has a low shot count of only 1,339 Captures, meaning it has a long life ahead of it!

Kit includes:

Mamiya DF, Battery + Charger, Mamiya 80mm f2.8 D lens

Aptus II-5, Battery + Charger + Firewire Tether Cable

*Kit CAN be broken up if requested: Individual item prices below. Please contact for more information

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Mamiya DF Camera Body – Ser #BBJK3085 $800
Leaf Aptus II-5 – Ser #LI302620 – 1339 Captures $2,900
Mamiya 80mm f2.8 D Lens – Ser #JG3021 $1,490

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