Mamiya DF+ Leaf Aptus II-22 Kit

Mamiya DF+ Leaf Aptus II-22 Kit

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A fantastic and affordable entry into medium format.

In stock


Pre-Owned Mamiya DF+ and Leaf Aptus II-22 medium format camera kit.

This kit is an excellent and affordable entry into medium format photography. Its 48x36mm sensor is physically larger than full frame 35mm DSLRs, allowing for great depth of field control and great image quality. The system’s modularity is a huge benefit in that the digital back can be removed rom the DF+ body and be placed on other camera bodies, such as a technical camera with the right adapter.

This Aptus II-22 only has 1,103 captures, meaning its been only lightly used and has a long life ahead of it.

Kit includes:

DF+, Battery + Charger, Front Cap

Aptus II-22, Battery + Charger + Firewire Tether Cable

*Does not include lens

*Kit CAN be broken up if requested: Individual item prices below. Please contact for more information

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Mamiya DF+ Camera Body – Ser #BELK3023 $1,200

Leaf Aptus II-22 – Ser #LI301820 – 1103 Captures $2,800

All gear is in excellent shape and comes with a 90 day warranty.


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