Phase One IQ1 80MP M Mount

Phase One IQ1 80MP M Mount


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Large sensor, even larger resolution.

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A revolution when first announced, the Phase One IQ1 80MP digital back is still producing incredible imagery at an astounding resolution. The IQ1 80MP digital back has a huge sensor size of 53.7×40.4mm and weighs in at a jaw dropping 80 megapixels.

The full frame medium format CCD sensor allows for incredible depth of field control and easily offers the highly sought after “medium format look”. Combine its astounding high resolution image quality with its 3.2″ retina style touch display and you have a digital back power house.

Use it with a dedicated digital body like a Phase One DF, DF+, or XF body. The IQ1 80MP can also be used effectively on a technical camera to make a workhorse camera system customized for studio, architecture, or landscape photography.

At only 15,744 shots, this digital back has a long life ahead of it.

This IQ1 80MP is in the Mamiya M mount- compatible with Mamya DF, DF+, and XF camera bodies as well as M adapters.

Includes: Battery, Charger, Firewire 800 cable OR USB 3 Cable (please call or e-mail to specify preference).

This item is in excellent shape and comes with a 90 day warranty.

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