Phase One IQ2 60MP M Mount

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Phase One IQ2 60MP M Mount


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Phase One Medium Format Image Quality. Wirelessly.

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Phase One IQ2 60MP digital back in Mamiya M mount.

The IQ2 series of digital backs introduced new possibilities for what the Phase One IQ back could be. These models include wifi connectivity for communication with an iOS device whether your in the city at the studio or out in the field with no one else around.

The precursor to the IQ3 series of digital backs, the IQ2 60MP shares many of the same specs as the IQ3 series except for the ability to share power with the XF body.

The IQ2 60MP back offers a full frame medium format CCD sensor sized to 53.7×40.4mm and weighs in at 60 megapixels. The image quality from this digital back is stunning, and with a more down to earth file size of approximately 60MP compared with its higher megapixel counterparts while easily offering the coveted “medium format look”.

Like other IQ digital backs, the IQ2 60MP can be placed on a variety of camera bodies, including the fully digital DF, DF+, and XF camera bodies, as well as technical cameras for a custom high end solution for architecture, studio, or landscape photography.

This digital back has 22,033 captures, meaning it has a long life ahead of it!

Includes: Battery, Charger, Firewire 800 cable OR USB 3 Cable (please call or e-mail to specify preference).

This item is in excellent shape and comes with a 90 day warranty.

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