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Medium Format Camera Systems

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Phase One


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What The World’s Best Photography is Made Of

Phase One is the industry leading medium format camera manufacturer. With the release and subsequent updates of the XF camera system, no other camera system can come close to the quality, reliability, and adaptability of Phase One Medium format.  For more than 20 years Phase One has been pushing the limits of digital image quality to help professional photographers stand out.

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Extraordinary Accuracy

The new RS Lens shutter was designed especially for the tough demands of aerial imaging. It uses an innovative direct drive concept with electronic charging that enhances exposure speed as fast as 1/2500s, guaranteeing half a million exposures – a record breaking capture rate and life span longer than ever seen before. The blades in the RS shutter are produced of specially made carbon fiber material, as used in the aerospace industry, driven by a linear motor and controlled in real time for absolute precision of exposure time. The reliance of the RS shutter’s capacity of 500,000 cycles along with the exposure time of 1/2500s enables faster flying, and allows customers to execute and manage the most demanding aerial photography missions with higher operational efficiency, reliability, and in a cost effective manner.

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Capture One


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The Professional Choice in Imaging Software

Capture One Pro has been the preferred choice for professional and enthusiast photographers alike for more than a decade. They depend on Capture One Pro to deliver ultimate image quality and to realize the potential in every shot.

Support for leading cameras
Each of the more than 400 cameras supported in Capture One Pro goes through a rigorous testing and profiling process. This ensures the best out-of-the-box results in terms of color reproduction and noise reduction that matches the camera’s characteristics in various shooting conditions.

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The Light Shaping Company

Ever been frustrated by the fact that a clear sky equals bad weather for photography? Or perhaps you have experienced the opposite – not enough light to get the shot you want?Neither is a problem with Profoto Off-Camera Flashes. At 5-10 times as powerful as the average speedlight, they enable you to overpower the sun on a sunny day as well as light up larger backgrounds and areas.

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Dense Matrix LED

The Dense Matrix LED, allows for more LEDs closer together on a single array. This allows for all the chips to emit through a single lens, making for an effective point source light, that creates a single shadow. The array consists of multichannel LED’s which gives the ability to color tune the light.

The compact placement of LEDs results in a powerful array that is no bigger than the size of a dime and is easily adaptable to a variety of applications. Integrating patented high-brightness LEDs into our unique chip-mixing pattern, Dense Matrix LED produces a bright and color tunable specular light source with superior CRI and smoothly mixed spectrums.

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Precision Beyond Color

For those looking to go further than “good enough”, EIZO monitors provide unparalleled color rendition and deep blacks.  With options to schedule self calibration with the CG series’ built in hardware calibrator, photographers, graphic designers, and videographers alike know they are looking at the correct color on their screen morning, evening, and night.

Editing medium format RAW files in Capture One on an EIZO Monitor is an experience like no other. The color the .IIQ file retains, combined with Capture One’s RAW processor and an EIZO Monitor’s calibrated high resolution display’s deep blacks makes for a professional retouching experience unlike any other.

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Grip Equipment

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The Very Best Professional Equipment Cart Solutions

INOVATIV innovates, designs and builds the very best professional equipment cart solutions in the marketplace. Our carts are now being used around the clock and around the world by working professionals. Our Scout, Echo, and Ranger carts continue to set the benchmark for innovative, practical design; high quality construction and durability.

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Technology That Complements Your Imagination


MSE is the leading manufacturer of the grip stands, clamps, and accessories that make studio photography possible. From C-stands that have become an irreplaceable mainstay in studio photography, to more specific items like telescoping hangers, there’s a way to get that light in that exact spot.

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Tether Tools

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The Professionals Choice in Tethering Cables

Tether Tools® is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered. Tether Tools® provides the highest quality tethering solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

The goal is to provide premium quality tools for photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals. Tether Tools® builds products to the highest standards and stand behind them by offering a lifetime warranty on many of their innovations.

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 Buy Used Equipment With Confidence

We test every single piece of used equipment we bring in. All items sold are fully functional and ready to help you create stunning images. Something slip past us? Let us know in 30 days and you’ll get your money back. Want to protect your purchase even more? Many of our used products qualify for a Mack Camera warranty- protecting against manufacturer defects for up to two years.

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Financing Available

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