Capture One Pro 12

Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing.

Better color, faster performance, more creative control.

Capture One 12 delivers even more creative control thanks to the new Radial, Linear and Luminosity masks. A refined user interface invites for a more efficient and intuitive user experience, and the new plug-in ecosystem will open up for endless integration possibilities. That and so much more to enable you to work your magic.

File Management

Through use of either Catalogs, Sessions, or both, Capture One allows you to maintain your library of images the way that works best for you. Use Catalogs exclusively as a huge library of images with in-depth keywording capability and filtering options, or enjoy the flexibility of sessions and view¬† images not imported into Capture One at all while still being able to edit them using Capture One’s industry leading RAW conversion.

THE Tethering Solution

Capture One is relied on by professionals all over the world to deliver images from the camera to their computer as efficiently as possible. Using Capture One while tethered to a camera during a shoot allows for spontaneous edits to be made and applied to future images during the shoot. Designed to be used before, during, and after the shoot, Capture One is an integral part of a professional workflow and boasts the speed, detail, and organization to get the job and then some.

Layer Based, Local Adjustment Workhorse

Capture One 12 takes layer based local adjustments to the next level. Almost every single editing tool can be applied with a brush or gradient mask on its own layer, which can then be refined further using the Refine Mask tool and the incredibly powerful Auto Mask function. Take full advantage of all the RAW data your camera gives you while still having the dexterity and flexibility of multi-layered detail oriented masking and adjustments.

Use on an island, or with a team

The annotations feature of Capture One 12 allows users to draw on a particular image, indicating exact areas that need to be adjusted or communicating specific notes about an image to a retoucher off-site. The ability to export a PSD file with these annotations added as a layer as well as including an intended crop as a path makes for an incredibly powerful tool in photographer-retoucher communication. Additionally, an overlay can be saved as its own layer in a PSD file, allowing for even greater depth of communication.

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