Tether Tools® is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered. Tether Tools® provides the highest quality tethering solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

The goal is to provide premium quality tools for photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals. Tether Tools® builds products to the highest standards and stand behind them by offering a lifetime warranty on many of their innovations.


Tethering cables are the first things to fail in a shoot- and it’s no wonder. They get crimped, stepped on, thrown around, and generally abused. That’s why its important to properly take care of your cables, but also to purchase a solid cable to begin with. Tether Tools FireWire and USB3 cables are trusted devices capable of getting the job done.


Instead of attaching a bulky hub on the side of your computer and running a tether cable through an adapter with its own potential for failure, Tether Tools encourages you to “ditch the dongle” and take advantage of a direct connection from a native USB-C computer to your camera.

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