In this video Zac goes over the major features of the Phase One XT. The XT is a modern re-imagining of a large format field camera. Capable of rise, fall, as well as tilt and swing movements with Cambo lens boards, the XT is a force for image quality.

The Rodenstock HR line of lenses are mated with Phase One’s X-Shutter, an adapted version of the shutter from Phase One’s industrial imaging solutions. The X-shutter is made of carbon fiber materials and is controlled electromagnetically. The X-shutter is a fantastic answer to the lack of new Copal shutters for large format style lenses.

The Phase One XT’s electronic interface is a huge step up from traditional technical cameras which required external cables which were a potential point of failure when shooting in the field. The IQ4 digital back controls everything from shutter speed and aperture to time lapse functionality, and more. Thanks to the IQ4 digital back the XT brings all of the benefits of technical cameras with none of the drawbacks.