XF Camera Feature Update #3 Released

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XF Camera Feature Update #3 Released


Phase One Releases XF Camera Feature Update #3

The XF Camera System never sits idle. Introducing groundbreaking studio photography controls, flash integration and evaluation like never before. Professional workflow advantages are now available in the XF Camera System Feature Update #3, providing productivity never before seen in photography.


Advanced Profoto Air


delighted to announce full control of your flash system with the new Profoto Air Tool. With the full functionality of the Profoto Air now built directly into the XF Camera System, you can integrate your Profoto off-camera flash easily and efficiently. Control, fire and access up to six groups of Profoto lights wireless, directly from the XF Camera display.


TTL Metering

With the newly introduced Profoto Air Tool, TTL flash metering is now possible with the XF Camera System. For photographing in ever-changing lighting conditions and fast paced location work, Profoto AirTTL flash metering can be an essential tool for consistent results. The Profoto Air integrates with the XF Camera exposures with every capture, no matter the variables.


Flash Analysis & Rear Curtain Trim


In flash photography it is essential to understand the characteristics of your output. With the Flash Analysis Tool, you are now able to review all aspects of your flash output just after the capture. Flash duration, output power and flash sync timing within the capture are now all available with the Flash Analysis Tool. With a simple visual representation of your flash output, you can now evaluate your effective and total flash duration; you can even trim the flash sync timing directly from the camera to achieve perfect results.


Create, Load & Save System Setup

The new Custom Setup menu provides the opportunity to Create, Load and Save System Setups. Any and all customization changes made to the XF Camera System can now be saved to one of three setup fields in the XF Camera System. These Custom Setups can be renamed on the IQ Digital Back and then be saved to the CF card. These setups can be transferred to your computer for safekeeping, loaded from a CF card quickly and easily. The introduction of this tool ensures that complex user interface changes can be made available for later use or shared amongst multiple users in a studio or rental environment.


Icon Control

The introduction of Icon Control to the XF Camera System now allows you to customize the tools and icons that are available at the tip of your fingers on the XF Top Screen. Be it in the studio or in the field, different tools can be moved to the location of your choosing and ensure their access is as convenient as possible. In addition to the advanced control of your icons on the main screen, you can also customize the tools available in the slide menu, making your XF Camera System as efficient as possible to fit your needs.

Maintaining technical superiority and system efficiency

Phase One has always focused on technical superiority and customizable workflow. With the IQ3 100MP we’re proud to announce an industry first in medium format, Electronic Shutter control. Alongside groundbreaking features, further refinement and customization options to the XF Camera System have been introduced.

Electronic Shutter

An industry first in medium format, we’re introducing the most technically advanced, versatile and dynamic feature yet: complete Electronic Shutter integration. Now, with the IQ3 100MP on either the XF Camera System or an alternative technical camera, you can capture images without a single moving component. With the new rolling shutter technology of the IQ3 100MP, you have complete control directly from the digital back. The Electronic Shutter not only provides advantages for a number of capture scenarios but it extends the control and workflow possibilities for Live View, Black Reference integration and technical camera applications.

Additional XF Features

Introducing big picture tools and workflow solutions to the XF Camera System has always been a top priority. However, Feature Update #3 introduces several small controls to ensure complete flexibility. Additional features such as Bulb (B) and Toggle/Time (T) are now available in the drive mode menu. Front and Rear Curtain Flash functionality has been added to ensure absolute control of all flash photography applications. Lastly we’ve added the ability to assign a button to reach your Hyperfocal Focus point, providing the flexibility to mix Autofocus and Hyerfocal Focus like never before.

Advanced Tool Options

Sequence tools like the Time-lapse and Focus Stacking tools now have an advanced option to allow further capture control. Coupled with the Electronic Shutter of the IQ3 100MP, Time-lapse and Focus Stacking are now silent, smooth and efficient with no shutter action or mirror movement. In addition existing features are further refined in Feature Update #3 to optimize workflow and flexibility.

Download Feature Update #3 Release Notes and Installation Instructions


Download Feature Update #3


Camera Package


With Feature Update #3, emphasis on simplicity and efficiency is clear. With this in mind we’ve streamlined the update process for XF Camera Body, IQ Digital Back, Prism and Lens. Feature Update #3 now comes in a single simple update file regardless of what digital back you have. Simply download the Camera Package, put the resulting file on a CF card and then run the update on the IQ Digital Back. All components of the XF Camera System, regardless of hardware, now update simply and quickly.

To coincide with the release of the XF Camera Feature Update #3, Phase One has also released the Phase One Break Out Box (B.O.B) and a Vertical Grip for the XF Camera.

See the V-grip and Break Out Box Here.


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